Adam Seewald

Adam Seewald


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About me

I like writing; in particular, software to make mobile robots move and fly. I am currently a Ph.D. student in Aerial Robotics at the University of Southern Denmark under the supervision of professor Ulrik Pagh Schultz where I joined the Unmanned Aerial Systems Center in fall 2018. My research is focused on energy modeling and optimization of autonomous mobile robots and I am currently working on energy-aware planning strategies for the Opterra fixed-wing drone.

I was previously with the Altair Robotics Lab at the University of Verona where I earned my M.Sc. in Computer Science (2018) advised by professor Paolo Fiorini. My thesis was focused on the investigation of indirect methods for trajectory optimization with intermediate constraints for quadrotors.


I grew up of swimming and programming in western Slovakia between Bratislava and Sasinkovo, a tiny winemakers' village situated little less than an hour drive from the capital where I spent most of my summers. I am a space exploration enthusiast and in my free time I enjoy outdoor activities like open water swimming, hiking, cycling, and running.